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At the age of 43, Donald Trump was "year for year" the most successful person in the world. (At the age of 44, of course, he was back down to earth again.)


Donald is smart, aggressive, personable. In fact, he has all the attributes anyone would ever need to get ahead in the world of business. Read his book The Art of the Deal, and he'll tell you how smart, aggressive, and personable he is.


One thing Mr. Trump left out of his book was the critical, make-or-break moment in his life, the moment when he turned to his father, Fred Trump, and asked: "Hey, Dad, how about $50 million?


It doesn't matter how smart you are, how aggressive you are, and how personable you are. You'll do much, much better in life if you look outside yourself and find a horse to ride.


Even after Donald Trump was well on his way to the top, he never forgot what made him successful. When he was building his masterpiece, Trump Tower, he didn't neglect to say, "Hey, New York City, how about $50 million in tax abatements?"


Malcolm's Forbes father used to say, "Son, what's the answer to ninety-nine questions out of a hundred? Money."


Unlike Malcolm Forbes and Donald Trump, most people weren't born with a golden spoon in their mouths. You probably don't have wealthy parents to turn to. No matter. The principle remains the same. To be a big success in life, you must find a horse to ride.


"I want to do it myself" 我要自己做

That's what Donald Trump could easily have said. "I want to go out into the world and prove to myself that I can be a big deal. I don't need my dad's money or his line of credit."


That's not uncommon. You hear it every day, especially form kids and teenagers. "I want to do it myself" is a daily refrain in most households with kids.


But you can't be successful all by yourself. Other people make you successful. That's why you have to focus on other people, not yourself.


"How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" the tourist asked the hippie. "Practice, brother, practice," replied the hippie.


Our advice is just the opposite. Take a taxi.


Taking advantage of the bad things in life善用生活中的不利因素

Donald Trump took advantage of his good fortune to be born in a family with wealth. You can also take advantage of your bad fortune.


Ron Kovic came home from the Vietnam War in a wheelchair. Any previous goals he might have had for his life were left in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

越战结束后,罗恩·科维克(Ron Kovic)坐着轮椅回到了家。不管他曾经制定过什么人生目标,这些目标都留在了东南亚的丛林深处。

Kovic became nationally known for protesting the Vietnam War on the floor of the 1972 Republican National Convention. After publication of his book Born on the Fourth of July, Kovic spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 1976 and served as a delegate in 1988.

科维克曾在1972年的共和党全国大会上抗议越战,因此名扬全美。在他撰写的《生于七月四日》(Born on the Fourth of July)一书出版之后,1976年,科维克在民主党全国大会上发言,并于1988年成为民主党的代表。

His book led to the successful motion picture which he cow rote with director Oliver Stone.


"I really feel like one of the luckiest men on the face of the earth," says Ron Kovic. "I've wanted my life face of the earth," says Ron Kovic. "I've wanted my life to stand for something important. I did not want to be thought of simply as someone who came home from a war with an injury, who people as possible with my message."



What is success? 什么是成功

What is success? It's whatever you want it to be: money, power, position, recognition. It could be city hall; it could be Carnegie Hall. It could be CEO, CFO, or CIO.


Success is not mutually exclusive. You don't have to strive for one goal. Money, power, position, recognition, happiness, and friends usually go together.


But all things in moderation. Keep things in perspective. Nobody can make you successful. Only others can do that for you. The Pope doesn't elect himself. Neither does the chairman of the board.


If you think this is a cold, crass, and conniving way to look at the game of life, you're right. Cold, crass, conniving, and effective.



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